Mission:  We produce purebred naturally raised miniature Hereford cattle

Vision:  To develop grass fed, naturally raised, polled miniature Hereford cattle for breeding stock, show, and beef sales for small acreage farmers.

About Us

We are miniature Hereford enthusiasts!  We began raising miniature Hereford's as a way to raise our own beef for home use and generate some income from our 26 acre farm and realized other small farm owners might want to do the same.  Miniature Herefords consume less feed and do not require heavy fencing (so less farm maintenance for the farm owner)!  We have chosen to raise polled (without horns) miniature Herefords because they are much safer to handle and because we want to help diversify the genetic pool of polled mini's for the industry and future small farm owners.

We sell high quality purebred miniature Hereford stock, freezer beef (by the whole or half).  Our calves are halter broke, used to being handled, and gentle to manage.  Some of our smaller stock make great pets!  Contact us now!


Pleasant Valley Farm

Robin & Pete Stankoff

8467A Pleasant Valley Rd

Camden, OH 45311

(937) 787-1417


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